24/7 Alcohol & More!

Wildwood Casino now has 24/7 alcohol! You can now get your favorite adult beverage while you play your favorite game. Wildwood has so much to offer any and all players that walk through the door. With a brand new menu now being served at the Saddle Bar or the new additions to the Mavericks Buffet, we are positive you will love our new food. And Wildwood is pleased to announce our newest addition in Food; Borriello Brother Pizza. Borriello Brothers is serving up delicious pizza, calzones and the finest cold cuts that will bring you and your taste buds straight back to Italy. We are always updating our selection of slot machines to make sure we have enough jackpots to go around. So come on down to Wildwood and get yourself a fresh slice of pizza and an adult beverage any time day or night! We hope to see you soon!

Wildwood Casino

Are you missing Vegas? Do you have that itch to double down or shoot some dice? Then you need to come on up to Wildwood Casino! We are the first casino once you get into Cripple Creek. We have heated parking to keep you out of the cold all year round. We have over 15 table games to offer that will definitely get your fix. We offer multiple varieties of Blackjack from 6-deck to double-deck and six different variations of side bets. We have multiple different poker games from Three Card to Five Card and everything in between. We also have two full size Craps table with the lowest odds in the entire state. So whether you are wanting to play some Blackjack, Craps, Roulette or Poker. Wildwood Casino has the most to offer any time of the day.

Cooking Shortcuts

At Wildwood our talented food and beverage team uses the best ingredients and the best recipes to prepare delicious meals every day. But like the rest of us they are always looking for shortcuts when cooking at home. Here’s a few you may like:

Fresh and Tasty Tortillas
It’s no secret that corn tortillas taste better and have a better texture when warm. To heat your tortillas quickly just drop them into your toaster for about 30 seconds.

Egg Hack
Rather than boiling eggs to chop for your salad this will save you time and energy. Simply crack the eggs into your egg poaching pan and cook until you see the yolks have set. Then chop as needed. No peeling necessary.

Ground Beef
If you have too much ground beef don’t refreeze the unused portion. Fry it in batches and then spread it on a large baking sheet. Freeze that until firm and then place into easily portioned freezer bags.

One and Done

One of the most frequent questions we get is how the value of coupons in our mailers are determined. Without boring you with the complex math we thought we’d give you the easy answer. It’s based on your length and level of play. The longer you play and the more you play the higher your offer. And we don’t penalize you if you win.

But what most player’s don’t realize is that dividing your play between multiple properties actually hurts the value of your offers. If you play an hour at one casino and an hour at another casino both casinos will reward you as though you are a one hour player. Whereas playing both hours at the same casino can theoretically double the value of your offer. Or if you aren’t getting any offers at all you may not meet the minimum criteria because you are dividing your play across multiple casinos.

Consolidating your play at one casino is good for the casino, but it’s also good for you. We hope with our award winning Players Club (Silver Award for the entire United States!) you’d consolidate with us, but either way we want you to get the most you can.

Want to learn about Craps?

You are walking through Wildwood Casino on a crowded Friday night and you keep hearing players screaming for joy. You hear dealers making weird calls like “Winner on the front line” “Hard 8” and “7 out”. You walk up to this crazy looking game that has three dealers and bets as far as the eye can see. You look completely confused and helpless. Well welcome to the amazing game of Craps! Craps is one of the most complex, entertaining, frustrating and rewarding games in the casino. With more than 100 different bets you can make, it can be very easy to seem lost at first. With craps having so many different bets, it could seem like you have no hope in winning. But surprisingly the craps table has some of the best odds in the casino. On this table, your fate lies completely in the hands of the dice. There are 36 total combinations that you can roll and of those 36 combinations there are a total of 6 different ways you can roll a 7. In this game, 7 is your worst nightmare. 7 is what takes all your money away and basically restarts the game. Are you still with me? Have I completely confused you? The easiest way to learn is to walk up, throw your money on the table and get a quick lesson from your dealers. So, next time you are in Wildwood Casino, come on over to the Craps table. We have two tables to fit over 30 people and dealers who can answer any and all of your questions about this awesome game. Hope to see you soon!

-Nick Perkins

The “Win Win” of Going Green

Everyone is always searching for that elusive “Win Win” where everyone involved benefits. It’s a noble goal but one that’s rarely achieved. But we think we’ve found one.

In the month of August Wildwood is launching our Go Green, Get Green initiative. By switching from traditional printed mail to electronic communications (everyone wins). As a loyal Wildwood player you get your offers faster and in a portable format you can access from your phone anywhere, anytime. Oh, and you get $10 in free play the day you make the change.

As a proud citizen of Colorado, and the Earth as a whole, you get to know you are helping the environment. Less traditional mail means less trees cut down and less paper waste in landfills. More than 8 MILLION TONS of promotional mailers are sent each year in the U.S. alone.

Please support us in our effort to make Colorado even more beautiful and more environmentally friendly. If you have other suggestions on how Wildwood can be environmentally friendly please don’t hesitate to send us feedback.


HOTTTTT HOTTTTT Slots and plenty of new games!

Wildwood has definitely made some changes over the last couple of months on the slot floor to bring you the hottest titles and biggest jackpots around.

For a shot at some serious money, we have the largest selection of statewide progressives in Cripple Creek where jackpots top over $500,000 and up. Looking to spice up some of your old favorites? Try the classic Pompeii and Whales of Cash games in dimes!!! We’ve already paid out over $200,000 in jackpots on those machines…………. Oh yeah it was last month and the jackpots haven’t stopped hitting since.

Players have loved our Bejeweled Community games so much we’ve added a new twist to the social media mega-hit. Come in now and play Bejeweled 3D where the images pop right out at you and pay out big with four different progressive levels. On top of that be the first in Cripple Creek to play the new Sons of Anarchy games inspired by the hit television show. Ask any of our friendly slot attendants and staff to show you where the action is on the slot floor.

It pays to play….with your Miner’s Club Card!

At Wildwood Casino our goal is ensure you have the best experience each time you visit. Your Miner’s Club card is one easy way to get the most out of every trip. Whether you win or lose you can get valuable incentives and rewards just for using your card such as:

  • Free Play on your favorite slots
  • Match Play on your favorite table games
  • Free meals in any of our four fantastic restaurants
  • Discounts in the Wild Things gift shop
  • And much, much more

Another benefit many people may not be aware of is the ability to help offset taxes associated with casino winnings. Per Federal Law ALL CASINOS are required to fill out tax paperwork for any jackpots of $1,200 or more and the jackpot winner is responsible for paying the taxes on this income. However, there are ways to minimize the tax burden. The simplest way is to provide a Win/Loss form from a casino showing that you have losses to offset the jackpot. But we can only provide that document when you use your Miner’s Club card so we have a record of it. For more information on how to offset jackpot taxes please contact your tax preparer.

Sign up for your Miner’s Club Card today!

If you don’t have a Miner’s Club card make sure you sign up for one on your next visit. If you do have one please make sure you use it each time. Using your card has no impact on machine payouts and not using your card just decreases the amount you can use to offset any taxes.